Feedback from Oct 2022 Meeting

Hi all, feedback from yesterday’s video meeting on the Signal channel, and thanks to Yogan Naidoo for joining the meeting and his excellent inputs:

1. GITOC sub-committee open source user group – Nhlanhla to update us.
2. Registration as an NGO gives status to give input to gov entities and possibly request meeting with Nat Treasury – please see requirements on our discussion forum at, as well as the draft constitution. We need your inputs and support there. It need not be anything complicated.
3. Suggestion to have an awards page on our website for SA companies that have promoted or furthered open source. These could be nominated in the discussion forums for discussion and agreement by members.
4. Also suggested we create a presence on a site such as Github or Gitlab, with the ability for various SA companies, gov depts, state entities to have projects there where they can manage their code, collaboration, etc to further innovation in SA. Then we’d look at having a page on your website which points to the various projects if anyone else is wanting to collaborate, and gives us an idea of the quality of the code being produced. However we need to decide where to host as GitHub itself is not actually open source, although it hosts open source code. So, please discuss and give inputs at

If you’ve forgotten your login to the discussion forums, I think there is a password reset, otherwise let me know, and I can try to do a reset for you. Please also complete your profiles there as it gives others an idea whether you are a Gov dept, a municipality, state entity, OSS company, etc.

Author: Danie van der Merwe

Worked at SA Police and then SITA for a total of 35 years before taking retirement. My passions now are promoting open source software, green environment tech, and blogging about gadgets and technology.

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