Feedback from Aug 2022 Meeting

Hi all, we did our August meeting now on Signal in a video meet. We again had no-one from within Government, and our last plan of action was to try establish some form of OSS user group under a GITOC SC. Deon Nel from SITA and TTT was consulted and he made himself available for discussion and advice on how he has the TTT running in a similar manner.

So priorities are:

  1. GITOC user group if possible – if Nhlanhla can join the Sept video meeting and update us? Deon was happy to be contacted and discuss that with you.
  2. Alternatively whether CSIR could form such an interest group from their side as they were still quite active with FOSS – do we have anyone from CSIR in this group (not veryone’s profile’s were completed on the OSS website)?
  3. That we proceed to be registered as an NGO as per Karl’s suggestion, which gives an official status representation as far as government is concerns, and can earn us a seat at various forums where Gov interacts with citizens. We would do it as a non-financial institution to prevent having to appoint bookkeepers and an auditor.

Next meeting is 6 Sept at 15:00 as video meeting again here in the Signal group – you can join from mobile or desktop device, depending on where you have installed Signal.

Author: Danie van der Merwe

Worked at SA Police and then SITA for a total of 35 years before taking retirement. My passions now are promoting open source software, green environment tech, and blogging about gadgets and technology.

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