Feedback from Nov 2022 Meeting

GITOC sub-committee open source user group – Aslam says Nhlanhla is probably very busy right now, but he will discuss it if he sees him in the coming month.

Registration as an NGO gives status to give input to gov entities and possibly request meeting with Nat Treasury – it is now part of the new collaborative online effort on our new Gihub organisation – please give input at

Suggestion to have an awards page on our website for SA companies that have promoted or furthered open source. These could be nominated in the discussion forums for discussion and agreement by members. Not discussed in November.

We discussed listing SA companies/individuals who are actively contributing to key open source projects, or who maintain their own such open source projects. We also discussed promoting open source projects which are actively supported so that SA companies or Gov could provide support. But we agreed that moderating and highlighting this on the website could be a lot of work, so it was agreed we create an organisation on Github where open collaboration will be easier. Github is designed for global collaboration and moderation of efforts. So has been created. Right now it only has the Constitution draft on it (whoops I actually named this incorrectly) but we’re looking to crowd source suggested projects, contributors, etc all in this organisation.

Author: Danie van der Merwe

Worked at SA Police and then SITA for a total of 35 years before taking retirement. My passions now are promoting open source software, green environment tech, and blogging about gadgets and technology.

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