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      The guide to registering is at

      If yours is a non-profit organisation and is not part of government, you can apply for registration. You can submit your non-profit organisation (NPO) application at your nearest provincial social development office.

      NPOs include trusts, companies or other associations of persons established for a public purpose.

      Registering your NPO is beneficial because its certificate:
      * improves your credibility and funding opportunities
      * allows your organisation to open a bank account
      * helps your organisation with tax incentives.

      Based on this we need to:
      1. Choose a name.
      2. Choose type of organisation: NGO, Community Based, or Faith Based.
      3. To submit we must provide:
      3.1 Trust – Deeds of trust and letter of authorisation from the courts – This is Not Applicable as this will not be a Trust.
      3.2 Section 21 – Certificate of incorporation and memorandum and articles of association
      3.3 Voluntary Association – Constitution
      3.4 The founding documents of the NPO must meet the provisions of Section 12 (A-O) of the Nonprofit Organisations Act, 1997 (Act 71 of 1997).
      3.5 Once it is registered, you must submit the organisation’s annual report nine months after its financial year-end. The annual report should consist of a narrative report and a financial report.

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      Draft 1 Constitution from Karl Fischer:

      Mission Statement:
      To promote open standards and open source software within the South African Government
      To see that Open Standards and Open Source Software is widely adopted within all spheres of Government

      This is an Open Working group which any person can join.
      Membership is Free.
      It will not be controlled by any person, entity or private organisation.
      The Guild™ is comprised of people from various sectors in Private Sector and Government, it’s a Public Private partnership.
      The membership is limted to only private individuals and NOT organisations.
      Membership does not imply the individuals employer is represented.

      Steering Team:
      There is a elected steering team that makes stratigic decisions, you can get elected to this team, by submitting a nomication and getting elected in the yearly election.
      The Term is 1 year, and position can only be held by an individual for a maximum of 3 terms

      The Orginzation does not accept any money and does not have a bank account.
      Should anyone accept money on behalf of the orginzation they will be banned from orginzation and their name will be listed on the website.

      – Help Government create and implement widely used Open Standards
      – Help with Open Source Technology Choices
      – Showcase existing Open Source Projects within Government
      – Promote Local Open Source Skills

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        Danie’s comment on Draft Constitution:
        Thanks looks good, just:
        * Guild™ can be Open Working Group
        * nominated spelling
        * Consider “money or benefits”
        * Possibly under outcomes also use “promote, support and advise” as implement would indicate doing of the work.

        Yes we could promote more generally but we do need to focus on something specific otherwise we get too broad and are busy with too much.

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