CCMA Tender no: CCMA/ 2018/ 17(A)- ICT


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      This response was sent to their bid on 14 Dec 2019:

      Hi, depending on whether you want a desktop or conference room VC, there is the free and open source Jitsi VC that you can either just install and host yourself without any purchase, or you can test and even use the one that SITA has running for free for government.

      Advantages are:
      1. No purchase cost or SCM process.
      2. Cost savings.
      3. Immediately available.
      4. No vendor lock in at all.
      5. No annual license renewal deadline.
      6. Can brand it for CCMA if you wanted to.
      7. Highly secure with no information or data leaving your network if you host it yourself. If you use the SITA instance the information stays on the gov network and within South Africa’s borders.
      8. Users just click a link to join a VC room – no software installation, no account registration, no browser plug-ins to install. Only a modern Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc browser needed or the Android or iOS app.
      9. Cross-platform so users with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android or iOS can use it.

      We’ve used this solution in a room with a projector and speakers for a group to VC with job interviewees as well as to other distributed locations.  SITA’s own MANCO and EXCO uses it to hold their monthly meetings with staff in all the provinces.

      You can test it out or use it at

      Danie van der Merwe
      On behalf of the SA OSS Forum

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