Feedback from Oct 2021 Meeting

Today’s meeting as per website event:
1. Sensitising GITOC TTT to open source SC or working group – Danie contacted TTT and they discussed it last Friday at their meeting and await developments.
2. Kubernetes as cloud standard – Karl will go see Richard at SITA.
3. Aslam to speak to Nhlanhla re SC – pending feedback.
4. Decided unanimously to move the chat group to Signal as a closed group. Reasons are Signal is E2EE, is open source, and we have a need to discuss some sensitive topics. This means that anyone joining the new group will need to be peer reviewed by an existing member that knows that. Myself, Calwin, and Mohamed are already on the new group. I will reach out to some of the existing members here on the Telegram group and invite them, but if we miss anyone, please contact myself or Karl. This should allow some who left this group, to rejoin. It means we won’t any longer be running a public open Telegram group, but this group will only close down after next month’s Jitsi meeting. Our website remains public as a resource for documents, news, and the discussion forum.

Author: Danie van der Merwe

Worked at SA Police and then SITA for a total of 35 years before taking retirement. My passions now are promoting open source software, green environment tech, and blogging about gadgets and technology.

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