Response to NSFAS RFI003/ 2019: contact centre solution

Sent 6 Dec 2019 to their SCM at – No reply:

Hi, I am not formally submitting a solution but can point out that Armscor is using free and open source iTop as listed at

The advantages for you would be:

1. No procurement delay or cost in procuring actual product – can download and use.

2. No vendor lock in with any specific company – anyone could train up and support it.

3. No annual license costs or restrictions if you wanted to expand scope.

4. Transversal contract 1183 could be used to select a vendor to support it, or an open bid, but the value would be a lot less than buying a commercial product.

Re iTop: “A simple, web-based IT Service Management tool. iTop adapts to the needs of digital businesses (infrastructure or application service providers, software, telecom) to manage multiple customers, contracts and SLAs.”

Hope this helps with your RFI process.