Top 10 open source tools for working from home including an excellent collaborative online whiteboard app and document editing apps at zero cost

With the current pandemic taking the world by storm and many small businesses having to suddenly cater for working from home, FOSS can provide some excellent tools at zero cost. When you’re away from your colleagues, it’s vital to connect a few times a week, even if it’s just so you have a human connection as you otherwise toil away in solitude.

Covered in the linked post are:

  • Jitsi video conferencing
  • Drawpile collaborative whiteboard
  • Kanban as Trello alternative for projects and task management
  • Joplin personal notes
  • Riot team chat as an alternative to Slack or MS Teams
  • Etherpad to work together on a document
  • Ethercalc to work together on a spreadsheet
  • Nextcloud for file sharing, storage, calendar, video chat
  • LibreOffice for free installation on home computers to edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations in docx or odf formats

These are all free to get small businesses (or large ones) productive without license restrictions where workers must use private computers from home.