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From old site this was the purpose of the FPO (FOSS Programme Office at SITA?):

FPO was established in September 2007, after the Cabinet’s approval of the FOSS Strategy in March 2007. Its vision and mission is to ensure implementation of FOSS in government and that migration to FOSS takes place.

Vision and Mission

To achieve its vision and mission the FPO will address five key executables:

Coordinate all the FOSS work in government
Create FOSS skills
Ensure that government procurement is FOSS compliant
Ensure that Minimum Interoperability Standards and Minimum Information Security Standards are FOSS compliant
Partner all FOSS migrations of government departments starting with SITA’s own FOSS Migration.

The FPO also aims to:
Escalate FOSS skills development
Roll out the Open Document Format throughout government
Increase the rate at which government entities migrate to FOSS, starting with government department, extending to other agencies.
Perform FOSS advocacy