SITA FOSS Focus Newsletter – October 2009

In this issue:

  • Welcome note by Nthabiseng Mosupye – Chairperson of the Open Source Standing Committee
  • FOSS backend migration at the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry)
  • Open-source software at FNB bank
  • The open-source project in CSIR’s Meraka Institute
  • State of South African government websites in relation to open standards
  • The Limpopo Office of the Premier calls for change
  • Report on FOSS implementation by national government departments
  • The IFMS solution and the use of FOSS
  • FOSS4G by Clinton Papenfus
  • How big is Linux?
  • The Editor’s Choice: 8 most prominent open-source products

SITA FOSS Focus Newsletter – July 2009

In this issue:

  • Migration to the Brocade library system
  • Highlights of FOSS Migration at the Department of Arts and Culture
  • Maria Farelo (DPSA) on Open Source Software
  • Phapedi Moabelo (National Social Development) on Free Open Source Software
  • Farewell Aslam Raffee
  • The Department of Communications piloting E-OPMS (Organisational Performance Management System)
  • SITA HylaFax IP – Fax System
  • SITA Zimbra migration
  • Vendor Day sparks collaboration and growth
  • 5 Reasons to move to Open Source
  • FOSS interns become employees

SA Gov FOSS Policy Annex A: Policy on Free and Open Source Software Use for South African Government

Published in August 2006 by the National Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA). It outlines the background leading up to the approval of the policy.

SA Gov FOSS Policy Annex B: Policy Implementation Strategy from OGCIO

This was faxed out from the OGCIO on 24 December 2007. The strategy states it is built on a previous draft strategy from the Presidential National Commission in 2004, which built on a GITOC strategy developed in 2003. The strategy covered three phases viz. Initiation, Enhancement, and Mature. Annex B is part of the approved Policy for FOSS in South African Government.

Policy and Strategy Recommendations to the Presidential National Commission of South Africa – 5 Jan 2004

These recommendations followed after the National Cabinet approval in August 2003 on the policy on OSS. These recommendations proposed a set of policy enhancements to shift the overall policy posture from one that was neutral-to-enabling to one that was enabling-to-proactive. They also incorporated Open Content into the policy and brought to the fore important issues around intellectual property rights and Open Standards.

Lessons Learnt and Best Practices for US Military Software – 2011

This was a lessons learnt and a guide to help US government personnel and contractors implement open technology development (OTD) for software within government projects, particularly in defence.

This document marks a parting between South Africa and many other governments around the world. Whilst South Africa was early to adopt excellent FOSS policy and MIOS standards, other governments had started from 2011 or so to share implementation advice and guidelines. The UK government is another good example of this as well as the EU.