SA Gov FOSS Policy Annex B: Policy Implementation Strategy from OGCIO

This was faxed out from the OGCIO on 24 December 2007. The strategy states it is built on a previous draft strategy from the Presidential National Commission in 2004, which built on a GITOC strategy developed in 2003. The strategy covered three phases viz. Initiation, Enhancement, and Mature. Annex B is part of the approved Policy for FOSS in South African Government.

Concept Document for Establishing a National FOSS Collaboration and R&D Lab 16 Feb 2010

A document which was co-authored by Brodwyn Appanna at SITA FOSS Office, Gerrit Botha SAPS Enterprise Architect, and Karl Fischer Dept of Science and Technology to the GITOC FOSS Standing Committee, FOSS LAB Workgroup.